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Hi, I’m Steve Guglielmo, Cinematic Craftsman and the creative force behind Vast Expanse Productions. In order to understand how I can help you tell your story, you should know who I am and why this is my life’s work.


My origins in storytelling began in childhood with drawing comic strips.  It was the release of the “Star Wars” films and the behind the scenes television specials that peaked my interest in storytelling through the moving image.  I dove into all the elements of filmmaking from costume and prop design, to sound and music editing.  As storytelling shifted from film to video, I was there at  each step, constantly learning and growing to expand my creative pallet with the changing technology.


My professional experience spans across thirty years in all aspects of video production in a variety of subjects from treasurer reports at national conventions to documentaries, award profiles to business promos and informational videos for the Department of Defense.


The challenge to tell your story in a sincere and compelling way is what drives me to the highest standards and to create a video that serves your needs successfully not only benefits you but gives me a great sense of fulfillment.


If you’d like to hear from the people I’ve served, please visit the testimonial page.                                              


Are you ready to BE SEEN AND HEARD? 

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