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I've worked with Steve many times over the last several years and I couldn't recommend a better editor.


Steve just finished putting together a sizzle reel for a potential project for our production company. This was a tough project with constant changes and quick turnarounds for approvals. He was dedicated to our vision for the show and  through his artistry and  technical skill, he was able to perfectly convey the humor, spirit and spontaneity of the two main characters. Every cut had us rolling in laughter and excitement at what this project could become with Steve stringing our ideas together exactly the way we saw it.


The creativity seems to flow from Steve effortlessly and he brings his own unique brand of storytelling to anything he works on. He could take a bland, routine video project and fill it with meaning, color and humor with his own twist.


I couldn't speak higher of him and his work, I would absolutely recommend him to any individual or business hoping to turn their message into a memorable video.


I would hire Steve time and time again!


- Jessica Pelter

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