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My independent band, Steel Wolf, has been utilizing the video and image making services of Steve Guglielmo long before he started Vast Expanse. We have over fifty videos on Youtube, many of them are of performances shot by concert-goers. However, the videos that we are most proud of, the videos that have gotten us the most gigs, the videos that have gotten the most hits, comments and “likes” are the ones produced by Steve Guglielmo.


Steve always works within our budget  and around our schedule (which is hectic, to say the least) and with a knowing smile - a smile that says he enjoys what he is doing because he is confident that we will like the end product. How does he do this? Steve Guglielmo always makes the extra effort to be 100% in-sync with our vision.


For instance, for our video “Steel Wolf Spotlight”, we brought up an idea at the pre-production meeting that in the intro we should have a few images of the band that give the viewer a sense of the band’s thirty year history. Steve’s idea of a few was literally hundreds of well-timed images appearing one after another to the beat of one of our fastest songs! We were flabbergasted and pleased beyond belief. It has been one of our most successful videos. This is only one of a myriad of possible examples I could give.


When Steel Wolf works with Steve Guglielmo, we know before the first image is recorded that the visual in the end will get our message across to our audience just as we intended and that it will help us move in the direction we desire.


-Mark Vytas Adomaitis

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