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Have ideas but need Guidance

Congratulations!  You understand the importance of having a video to help spread your message and connect to your buyers and thought through some ideas.  So what’s next?

Consider these questions I shared with those who are new to the process.  If your ideas answer them, great!  If not, you now have a way to make your intentions even clearer.


It’s easy to say, “get more business” or “make more money.”  While this is true, it’s vague and can also be achieved by other means of advertising which require less investment in time, effort and money.  Consider the power and reach video has and how it can affect your goals in the long term.


Knowing your buyer is critical when deciding how you want your message played out.  Age, status, and location can determine what’s in your video.  Watch a variety of  video ads targeted to different age groups from children to older adults and you’ll have very different experiences.  More general and broader appeal can also be achieved, but that would involve careful planning with the video professional you collaborate with.




It’s good to familiarize yourself with different ways you can tell your story. There’s animated pictures or graphics on screen illustrating your service or products with a narration. The business owner can be on camera telling their story or give a tour of the business or satisfied customers giving positive testimonials on camera. You can also dramatize a fictional scenario with actors and how your product or service will solve a problem. Watch a variety of video ads and see which type works for you. Focus on the best way your message can be told regardless of cost and then work with your video professional to see if it can be achieved or adjusted to fit your budget.

Now that your ideas are more focused, it’s time for the next step and share them with a video professional. Let’s discuss them over a cup of coffee or tea (with no obligations and no judgement) and see where it goes.


1.What do I hope to achieve by creating a video?

2. Who am I trying to reach?

3. What kind of video do I want to make?

“Steve listened to us and really helped develop a message we wanted to communicate"                                                                                                               -L. Wen Rodgers

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